Michael January 23, 2012 at 4:45 pm
 You hit the nail on the head. Women generally consider short men to be third-rate, sub-human, disposable pieces of trash until they realize the average adult male height in the U.S. is not as tall as they were tricked into believing from movies and tv shows. At a certain age some women decide they have to lower their standards, no pun intended, then they are more willing to accept short men once they hear their own clock ticking. Of course there are many dollars which can explain why older women are more likely to go for shorter men, after all a short man could be worth it depending if his money makes him taller.
 James January 24, 2012 at 12:16 pm
 SonnyJ. & Michael
 Excellent points. That’s why I couldn’t continue to date that woman because she was a “reformed heightest” , basically letting me know how stupid she use to be. All these bizarre myths she had about short men were way beyond strange. And to think these myths are shared by a large number of young women in society. I dont like to think about it much because you start losing respect for women as a whole, and that’s not good. I have a good carrer going, I keep myself fit. I am in a lot better shape than most men my age. That should count for something. The woman I with now is also a “reformed heightest” but she woke up at age 25 that’s 15 years ago. The one that was 37 and still had until recently those myths in her head was too much for me to stomach.
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